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Airport Service

Our Limo Service Naples FL company offers airport transfers. Whether it’s from Miami International or Tampa International, just as long as you’re traveling to or from Collier County, we’ve got you covered.


With our car and limo service Naples FL company, you can travel in style to any type of event. Perfect for weddings, bachelor parties, Sweet 16s, birthdays, proms, corporate, etc.

Reliable Vehicles

City Car Transportation has a very modern fleet of vehicles. Newer models of sedans and SUVs, why would you bother to ride in a broken down taxi? Unlike Uber, our drivers are screened with thorough background checks.


We provide very cost-effective pricing. Many of our clients have told that us that we are even more affordable than the new comers like Uber and Lyft. Ride with trusted drivers and get where you need to go safely.


car service naples fl

Riding solo? Our limousine service Naples FL company provides that sedans are perfect for the lone wolf traveler. If you are traveling by yourself and you are leaving or arriving to Collier County, City Car Transportation provides reliable and safe sedans. All of our passengers are treated with respect and greeted with a smile. 


limo service naples fl

Bringing a plus one along? What about plus three? Our limo service Naples FL provides SUVs that are large and can fit plenty of passengers. Going on a trip with a bunch of your friends to Hawaii? Leave your car at home and we will handle the transportation to the airport. Best friend getting married and you guys want to car pool to the after party? We’ve got that covered too!


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Ft. Myers Airport Transfer

If you are traveling to Collier County from Fort Myers airport or need a ride to Fort Myers airport from Collier County, here is our special pricing.

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3 Max Passengers

Miami Airport Transfer

If you are traveling to Collier County from Fort Myers airport or need a ride to Fort Myers airport from Collier County, here is our special pricing.

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3 Max Passengers

Ft. Lauderdale Airport Transfer

If you are traveling to Collier County from Ft Lauderdale airport or need a ride to Ft Lauderdale airport from Collier County.

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3 Max Passengers


Our Naples Limo and Car Service offers 20% Off for our new clients!

Never ridden with us before? Then here’s your chance to save 20% off on your bill. CityCarTransportation is an affordable Naples Limo Service that provides first-timers with a generous discount of 20%. Cheaper than Uber and a taxi, save your money riding in our classy cars and limos!

Limo Service Naples FL & Marco Island

With over 10 years of proudly serving the beautiful Florida coastline cities of Naples and Marco Island, City Car transportation is the informed choice, for safe, reliable, luxury transportation. When it comes to choosing a limo service in Collier county, City Car can actually cost less than choosing Uber or a taxi. Life is far too fragile to take unnecessary risks, climbing aboard a taxi or Uber car, where the drivers often have huge turnover rates and are not subjected to the highest standards of safety, required by City Car. With drivers who are experienced, courteous, efficient, and focused on “safety-minded” travel , City Car’s team is by far the best choice.

City Car Offers

10 years of providing quality and reliable transportation.

Top quality Drivers which are friendly and professional

Attention toward safety and reliability

Properly maintained and thoroughly cleaned vehicles

Prompt pick up times

The Choice of the Business-Minded

Residents of Collier county, who are professional business travelers have been choosing City Car as their standard for quality and dependability for many years. For trips to and from the airport, the options of luxury cars and SUVS , offer a choice for impressing potential clients from any background. For corporate functions and events, nothing comes close to the luxury and comfort of the spacious SUVS, which are much like a trip in a posh living room on wheels. When practicality is needed, the sedan option provides for employees to be comfortably transported to the airport, cross-town functions, or to travel with clients and potential customers in a personalized, more relaxed setting. In today’s fast paced business environment the “one-on-one” time spent with clients in the car may be crucial to maintaining and developing business relationships.

The Family Friendly Pick

For those special birthday, anniversary, or once-in-a-lifetime formals, when safety and reliability are a must, the limo drivers at City Car are there on-time, every time. Whether it’s fabulous 40, 50, or any highly heralded birthday, or silver, gold, or any precious metal-associated anniversary, momentous occasions are the specialty, at City Car. If it is wedding related adventures for brides and grooms, wedding party formals or significantly less structured pre-wedding events, City Car has the perfect car/driver combination to make those most memorable events, even more special.

On the Road Flexibility

Each and every vehicle in the fleet at City Car is extremely clean and impressive with respect to appearance. Understanding that top performance of an automobile is directly proportional to the maintenance practices and procedures, the consistency of quiet, smooth rides is second to none. With the affordable prices structured competitively, compared to standard taxi and Uber rates, there is simply no reason to forfeit comfort, luxury and top flight professional treatment. For those trips taking more than a few minutes, the frustration of less than ideal travel methods can be unbearable. Riding with City Car, enduring longer journeys are much more comfortable and risk free where quality is concerned.

Easy to Make Reservations

With information provided in detail on the user-friendly website, finding information and specifics to suit individual needs is a breeze. Information and choices are clearly spelled out, in an effort to making one call reservations quick and hassle-free.

The Affordable Choice

With everyday low rates, special offers and discounts, luxury and dependability have never been more affordable. Special discounts, like the 20% off first time traveler promotion for FL residents, makes booking City Car an attractive option on virtually any budget.